A Java Applet for Computing the Thermodynamic Properties of Air Under Equilibrium Conditions

eqair.jnlp (Java Network Launch Protocol file for alternatively launching the app.)

This applet calculates the thermodynamic properties of air given the pressure and entropy, pressure and density, specific energy and density, entropy and enthalpy, or pressure and temperature, in SI units (kg/m^3, J/kg, J/kg/K, m/s, Pa, K) or British Units (lb/ft^3, BTU/lbm, BTU/lbm/R, ft/s, psi, R).


This applet should now be fully debugged. The source code for the GUI part of the applet is found at tgas.java and eqair.java, the computational subroutines are found in the class file gasState.java which may be compared with the fortran version of the code tgas.f.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or find a bug that I missed, at William Devenport